The Akilah Institute-Rwanda

The Akilah Institute is a college for women in East Africa offering a unique model of market-relevant education that enables young women to achieve economic independence and obtain leadership roles in the workplace and in society.

TASLAF advised the Akilah Institute on the legal structure of a similar fund for the Burundi office.


UP Energy

Up Energy is currently executing two projects in Uganda: a registered Gold Standard Voluntary cook stove project and a UN Clean Development Mechanism Programme of Activities currently in the late stages of the pre-registration audit. Together, these are Up Energy’s flagship projects, serving as a proof of concept for Up Energy’s innovative business model.

Over 96% of rural households in Uganda collect firewood for cooking and heating using traditional three stone fires that are highly inefficient and extremely polluting. This high dependency on wood for cooking fuel coupled with inefficient cooking methods has contributed significantly to the country’s alarming deforestation rate. Between 1990 and 2005 Uganda lost 26.3% of its forest cover and has a current deforestation rate of over 2% per year. The WHO estimates that these highly polluting three stone fires and the resulting indoor air pollution cause 20,000 deaths per year in Uganda.

TASLAF has in the past provided advice to Up Energy on Employee share options and advice on taxation of employment benefits.


Yunus Social Business –Uganda

In partnership with the African Development Bank, YSB Uganda was started in November 2013. By 2014, a structure will be developed to finance social businesses and the first social businesses will be incubated. The Yunus Social Business-Uganda is part of the flagship-Yunus Social Business.

YSB Uganda began its operations in 2013 as a pilot program with the African Development Bank devoted to promoting and creating an environment within which social businesses can thrive in Uganda.

TASLAF conducted a training on the legal and regulatory framework for social business entrepreneurs as part of their induction wo

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